We do cold email a little differently

Most cold email tools charge per seat, why? We’re a lean team and as a result we can charge much less than the big guys. Try our platform free for 7 days and then pay a fair and sustainable monthly price based on the number of emails you send per month.

Funnel Analytics

Mail Merge & A/B Tests

Easily build drip campaigns, add steps, and run multiple A/B tests within one view. Get opens, clicks, replies and unsubscribe metrics on the template level to truly understand what messages are working.

Campaign Builder
Select mailboxes for campaign

Use multiple mailboxes on one campaign

Using multiple mailboxes on one campaign is important if you want to reach more people faster. Set limitations and sending patterns on the mailbox level and Mailstand will automatically follow your rules so you never over send at the wrong time.

Create complex timezone and sending calendars

Most cold email tools allow for only one time window like 9am-6pm. But what about if you want to skip lunch hours or send emails in only certain timezones? With Mailstand you can add up to 10 different sending times per campaign.

Campaign Builder

We built a few unique features you've never seen before

Multiple Mailboxes

Using multiple mailboxes on one campaign is important if you want to reach more people faster.

Set Priority Order

Most campaigns end up getting a backlog of emails. When this happens, you set controls on what emails we should send first.

Unlimited Contacts

Most tools have a 5k or 10k contact limit per campaign. You can add unlimited campaigns with us. This allows for better reporting instead of copy/duplicatiing campaigns.

Workspaces / Agency Mode

Have multiple clients or want to separate your work and contact lists? Our agency mode allows you to do this for free.

Pay Per Email, Not User

Our goal is to be the most affordable email platform in the world. Stop paying per user and only pay for what you use.

Multiple Timezones

Add up to 10 different sending times per campaign. This gives you the ability to send in multiple time zones and to skip blocks.

Mailbox Stats

Have one view to understand what is going on with your mailboxes. See how many emails each mailbox has sent and also know if you have SPF, DKIM and DMARC set up.

Template Stats

One view to understand what template is working well. See what templates are being opened and replied to. Use template across multiple campaigns.

Multiple A/B Tests

Test multiple templates side by side in a campaign to understand what messages are performing better. Mailstand automatically balances to evenly test.

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Merge mailboxes for better email outreach.