Finally, a cold email tool that merges mailboxes.

Merge mailboxes for better email outreach.
Campaign Builder
Select multiple timezones and schedules
Funnel Analytics

But, we also do cold email better.
We have features you’ve never seen before.

Use multiple mailboxes on one campaign

Set priority order on initial and follow-up emails

Unlimited contacts per campaign

Workspaces and agency mode for free

Pay per email limits and not per “user” or per “seat”

Multiple sending timezones &  sending schedules

See all mailbox stats in one view

See all template stats in one view

Multiple A/B tests on one campaign

Use multiple mailboxes on one campaign

80%+ of cold emailer have multiple email accounts to reach more people, faster. Then why are there no tools that support merging mailboxes to operate on one campaign? We built our platform starting with this idea.

We believe that cold email tools shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

Most cold email tools charge per seat, why? We’re a lean team and as a result we can charge much less than the big guys. Try our platform free for 7 days and then pay a fair and sustainable monthly price based on the number of emails you send per month.

> $40 per mailbox
$12 per mailbox

Try Mailstand for free.

Merge mailboxes for better email outreach.