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Our unique features bring a different level of experience to cold email.

Marshall H.

FYI - I switch over from Lemlist to Mailstand. Lemlist's interface is a lot to handle - yours is a lot easier.

Ray Allen
Contracts Counsel

"I like it a lot. Even feels much cleaner/easier than Apollo since you're just focused on one thing."

Nick Taylor
Juvo Leads

"We're quite happy with Mailstand... it's a wonderful tool, i'm truly shocked that you are the only company to figure out the multi-email box concept for sending"

Sumanta B

I have been using Mailstand for more than week. Kudos to you for creating such a great product. I love the clean interface and the unique features. Before purchasing Mailstand I tried many cold outreach products. But I have found Mailstand more suitable for my needs. Thanks a lot.

Sean L
Marketing Agency

"The biggest advantage is the multiple mailboxes"

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