Agency Mode For Cold Email

Whenever you are working on a team or multiple projects, it's helpful to have the ability to create separate environments and workspaces in order to more effectively manage any given situation, whether you have a team assisting your organization with various clients and you need to keep these client environments separate, or you are looking to launch multiple separate outreach campaigns that need to be separated from one another for your business.

Agency Mode on Mailstand allows you to have complete control of however many environments you wish in order to allow you to manage your email activity as you see fit. When you create a workspace under Mailstand, this creates an environment where all contacts, templates, and campaigns are kept all within their own space so that you can further organize your efforts to avoid any accidental crossovers of information or outgoing emails you are managing. Whatever you create or add under 1 workspace, this would not be present under another workspace so you never need to worry about accidentally sending out the wrong template under the wrong environment.

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