Set Follow Up Priority On A Cold Email Campaign

When you set sending schedules on a campaign and set sending limits on a sending mailbox, you are putting barriers in place. If you upload a lot contacts to a campaign then your barriers will always create a backlog of emails.

Here’s a scenario:

  • 1 mailbox synced
  • Uploaded 1,000 contacts
  • The campaign has 3 steps (1 initial email and 2 follow up emails)
  • The mailbox has a limit of 100 emails per day

Half way through Day 3 your sending queue will look something like this:

Current tools will grab whatever contact has been waiting longest in the queue and send to that person next. The issue with this is that you have zero control of what is going on with your campaign. When you have a sales quota you may want to send more initial emails to reach more new people faster. Or if you are busy with closing deals at the end of the month, you may want to send more follow up emails as those typically get lower reply rates.With Mailstand, we give the user control (with a dial) on how we choose who to send to next. It looks like this:

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