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How Cold Email Personalization Works

When you add any contact to an existing campaign, the given template you created for your campaign will automatically be generated for the outgoing email that will eventually be sent over to them. With Mailstand, for each and every contact you have under your list with a given campaign, you can individually edit and personalize any email that is scheduled to go out to a recipient, so say if you have any additional information on a given contact within your list, you can manually go in and adjust your given template to reflect this additional knowledge to make any specific outgoing email more personalized and have a higher likelihood of being well received.

As well, with our auto balancing feature for mail campaigns, you never need to worry about spending the time to ensure that the given sender information for your connected inbox matches up correctly for your templates, as this is handled automatically by us for all inboxes connected to your given campaign.

How Fallback Text Works

When handling large amounts of contacts across a variety of different types of source information, sometimes you do not always have the necessary information for a recipient you are attempting to reach out towards for a given email message. Missing names, missing job roles, information of this nature that is missing from an otherwise complete source of contact data can sometimes make your email copy look incomplete or inauthentic, and has the potential of causing a recipient to ignore your email altogether.

That is where fallback text comes in, on Mailstand you have the option of inputting generic language that gets input into a given variable field in case that information happens to be missing from the data you are working with for your campaign, allowing you to still have your template read and flow properly for recipients even if you are missing the contacts name or any relevant information for the given purpose of your outreach activities.

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