Send Cold Emails with Multiple Mailboxes

Ensuring high deliverability rates that remain consistent over a long period of time for any email campaign should be a top priority among all those who are looking to perform outreach activities, whether it's for an occasional cold outreach campaign or for ongoing lead acquisition efforts with a focus on growth for your business. Achieving and maintaining this type of quality performance and deliverability is easier said than done however, as marketers are constantly fighting uphill in order to ensure that their emails land where they want, front and center within the primary view of their recipients inbox. 

Mailstand is a platform that was built by cold emailers, for cold emailers, who know how difficult it can be to maintain deliverability and organize campaigns in a way so that they have the highest likelihood of being well received. That is why one of the primary features of our tool allows users to automatically split up sending volumes across multiple inboxes under one single campaign, without having to go through the headache of setting up and organizing multiple campaigns that are all identical, with the one difference being the inbox that is performing this sending activity.

The process of implementing this is very simple, as all you would need to do is connect your associated inboxes that you plan on utilizing for your outreach campaigns, and Mailstand will automatically spread sending volumes up so that they are all performing equal activity. By splitting up sending volumes in this manner, it decreases the chances of any inbox running into unexpected issues during a live outreach campaign that may cause long term effects on your current sending solution, potentially costing you or your clients time and money in the process.

Email providers such as Google and Microsoft give a strong disincentive towards single email addresses performing high volumes of sending activity, as they associate this type of activity either with spammer activity or a potential email hijacking situation. The limits in place under these given email providers is very high, typically falling between a 2k to 5k sending limit per day, but as many of those who have attempted such efforts with an active campaign, getting anywhere close to these sending limits typically will cause much more problems and result in long term issues being permanently associated to your given domain and mail server.

By splitting up sending volumes, this helps to avoid and alleviate such issues from causing long term issues and decreases the chances of a bad day causing issues for the lifetime of your given sending solution. From the headaches and hardships we have dealt with for our own outreach efforts, we made it as easy as possible for anyone performing outreach activities to divide up sending volume as much as possible across as many inboxes as they have available to them for their campaigns.

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