See All Mailbox & Template Stats In One View

One of the primary strengths and features of Mailstand is how we handle and present all relevant analytics and metrics for your active and ongoing campaigns and inboxes. For any given campaign being run on the platform, we will layer all relevant information about any campaign onto one another so that at a glance, you can easily see which campaign is performing better or worse than another, as well as be able to keep tabs on any personalized emails you have sent out so you can get an idea on their performance in comparison to the non-adjusted templates being sent out for any given campaign.

With the given information being presented, this allows you to easily compare and contrast for A/B testing on a day per day basis, allowing you to make educated decisions on which templates you should continue utilizing, and which templates you should either adjust further or abandon entirely.

On top of allowing for a much easier approach for performing A/B testing, you can also check in and see each inbox's individual performance so that you can identify which currently running inbox is performing best, or be able to quickly identify which connected inbox may be causing potential issues for your active campaigns. This allows you to quickly be able to either enable a backup inbox for your campaign or disable a connected inbox all together if it is not worth utilizing further. Distributing sending actively between all active inboxes for a campaign also happens automatically, so you do not need to worry about manually going in and making sure all scheduled email sends are occurring equally among all connected inboxes.

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