Create Multiple Cold Email A/B Tests

A large part of optimizing any type of outreach campaign for marketing involves the process of testing out various approaches towards recipients to see what is received the best to avoid squandering any initial approaches to a given contact on a list. Within the field this is commonly known as “A/B” testing, where you take a similar group of recipients and create two or more variations of a given email message and compare and contrast 

  • Open rates
  • Reply rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Click through rates

To see which message performs the best in order to determine what is the most optimal for your given campaign. Mailstand is a platform created by email marketers, for email marketers, so we have built this type of testing functionality within the platform in order to allow you to more easily manage this testing and experimentation. 

With this feature, you can easily get a full view of all the important metrics for each individual test you are performing so that you can easily get an idea on which campaigns are performing better than others so that you can make well informed decisions on which variation of your email copy is more effective than another.

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