Send Cold Email Follow Up Drips

As many of us can relate given the amount of messages a majority of active email users receive in a given day, sometimes an important email can slip through the cracks from time to time or a recipient of a given message can simply forget to respond back to an email they saw that they couldn’t reply too at the time for any given reason. That is why for campaigns managed and built under Mailstand, you have full control of when exactly you wish to send any type of drip follow up responses to an email that has not yet received any type of reply activity yet.

How drip campaigns work on Mailstand is based on the amount of recipients that either reply back to an email or do not engage back with a given email at any given time. For recipients that have not yet engaged/responded back to an outgoing email that you have sent out, you can define a set time in which to follow back up with a given recipient in order to give a higher likelihood that they do respond back to your message, and define what exactly that followup message is.

Within the world of email marketing, it's a common practice to check up a few times with recipients just to ensure that they have seen your message, and with the help of Mailstand you can configure these actions to occur exactly when you want them too, without the need to worry about planning out the logistics after sending out initial email sends.

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