Send Cold Email At Different Times

Email message activity is one of the most commonly utilized methods of communication on the planet, used by hundreds of millions of people nearly every hour of every day. One of the main hurdles that marketing professionals face when scheduling email campaigns is determining when the most optimal time is for sending out a message to a recipient. Optimally, you want to send an email when a user is the most likely to be checking their inbox, and on average this activity takes place during the given work hours of that given recipient's time zone, so you would not want to waste a valuable opportunity at making initial contact with a given recipient by sending them an email at 2am of their given timezone.

That is why at Mailstand, we built in the functionality so that you can control exactly when a recipient is going to be sent a scheduled message, ensuring that you are hitting their inbox at the exact timeframe that is ideal for your given target demographic. As long as you have a general idea of when a given contact is the most likely to be checking their inbox, you can plan your outreach activities accordingly in order to optimize your chances of them seeing and engaging with your efforts.

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