A cold email tool built for SaaS companies

Finally, a cold email tool built just for SaaS companies. Automatically schedules emails to send and get insights on cold email campaigns like you’ve never done before. Merge mailboxes for better scale and stop paying so much for cold email.

“If you use more than one mailbox for cold email for your SaaS then you need Mailstand.”

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Mail Merge & A/B Tests

Easily build drip campaigns, add steps, and run multiple A/B tests within one view. Get opens, clicks, replies and unsubscribe metrics on the template level to truly understand what messages are working.

Campaign Builder
Select mailboxes for campaign

Use multiple mailboxes on one campaign

Using multiple mailboxes on one campaign is important if you want to reach more people faster. Set limitations and sending patterns on the mailbox level and Mailstand will automatically follow your rules so you never over send at the wrong time.

Create complex timezone and sending calendars

Most cold email tools allow for only one time window like 9am-6pm. But what about if you want to skip lunch hours or send emails in only certain timezones? With Mailstand you can add up to 10 different sending times per campaign.

Campaign Builder

One singular view of all your mailboxes

Our merged inbox feature allows you to see multiple mailboxes in one view so you don't have to keep switching back and forth between mailboxes.

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Merge mailboxes for better email outreach.