How to Send Bulk Cold Emails with 50%+ Open Rates

Cold email is still one of the best outreach methods to get in touch with decision-makers without having to deal with gatekeepers. It is, however, a numbers game, and you have to learn how to send bulk cold emails that land in inboxes and get opened.

This article will teach you how to design and run bulk cold email campaigns that get 50%+ open rates. You will also learn how to stay in the good graces of email service providers so that you don’t get flagged as spam and end up in an email block list. 

Prospecting and Building Lists

As in any marketing campaign, you will have to identify a specific audience most likely to buy your product or service and target them with messaging that resonates with them. For a cold email campaign, you will need the direct email addresses of decision-makers you think are most likely to buy your product or service.

List building for cold email is a skill you get good at with practice. The more reps you put in, the higher the chances you strike a vein of pure gold. Several affordable software and databases make it easy to build targeted lead lists from scratch. The software or database you choose will depend on your industry.

Below are some excellent options:

  1. Apollo

    Apollo is a sales engagement platform that will allow you to find leads in almost all industries and filter using variables such as revenue, location, and job title. You will have to play with the filtering options to learn the platform and figure out what’s possible. Apollo also has a robust lead enrichment feature where you can load a bunch of domains and find contacts attached to the said domains.

  2. Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most potent B2B sales tools ever built. Using Boolean search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can build a list of decision-makers holding the specific job titles in the industry you want to target.You can scrape and enrich your LinkedIn searches using EvaBoot. All you have to do is sign up for an account and install the chrome extension. The tools will then enrich the data with direct email addresses and deliver the results in a CSV file.

    The beauty of scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that the lists you build are unique to you. Based o the search filters you use, LinkedIn will spit out completely different results every time. It is very unlikely that all the leads you collect are already being hammered with cold emails from your industry selling the same offer you are selling.
  1. BuiltWith

    If you want to target prospects based on the technology they are using, BuiltWith is the go-to platform to source such leads. You can use their technology lookup tool to build lists of companies running on popular technologies such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Magento, and Marketo, among others.

    Besides BuiltWith, Apollo, and EvaBoot, other list-building platforms and tools you can check out include Lead Hype, Findymail,, Scrapybird, and

Check Email Validity

Before a prospect can read your cold email, it must first land in their inbox. If it bounces or lands in the spam folder, they can’t take action on it. Further, when several of your emails bounce, it affects your sender reputation. Sender reputation is basically how trustworthy email service providers think you are.

With a ruined sender reputation, all your emails will start going to spam. To avoid this fate, you must ensure that the email addresses you send to are valid and active. Luckily for you, you can do this verification pretty quickly and cheaply using any of the following tools:

You should check email validity irrespective of how reliable the list-building tool/database you’ve used is. People constantly change jobs, and sales engagement databases can’t keep up with these changes fast enough. Also, if you buy an email list, do the verification yourself even when the supplier says that all the addresses are valid.

Use Cold Email Software

Learning how to send bulk cold emails properly will make or break your campaign. The cold email software you choose to manage the campaign is a critical component of the process. Not all cold email software providers are suited for sending bulk cold emails.

Use our software, Mailstand, to scale your cold outreach campaigns because you can combine several mailboxes to send way more emails than you would otherwise. The more email accounts you have, the more cold emails you can send. Mailstand makes it possible to send thousands of emails every day without killing your sender reputation.

With cold email software like Mailstand, you will be able to:

  • Send emails from as many email accounts as you need to.
  • Schedule thousands of emails and follow-ups at once.
  • Track email opens.
  • Track when a prospect clicks a link.
  • Personalize emails at scale using several personalization attributes.
  • Run A/B tests at a campaign level.
  • Autorotate inboxes.

Try Mailstand for free for seven days here.

Note: Before sending cold emails from new email accounts, ensure that the accounts are adequately warmed up. Warming up your email ensures you land in the inbox, not the spam folder. Our friends at Warmup Inbox can help you warm up your accounts and help you maintain high email deliverability.

Personalizing Email Content

With more companies hopping on the cold email bandwagon every year, the bar to stand out is getting higher and higher. To have a good reply rate in 2023 and beyond, every email you send should have a personal detail so specific to the prospect that it can’t apply to any other person. Personalized emails outperform non-personalized ones by a considerable margin.

The first instance of personalization is to add basic attributes such as first name and company name. To get an edge, you have to do more. Use manually collected information such as awards, professional milestones they’ve attained, a note about a piece of content they’ve produced, or other relevant information that list-building software cannot easily scrape. 

The idea here is to communicate that you’ve researched them and that you are not just a random spammer. Naturally, this is time intensive, especially when sending mass emails. There’s a solution, though: you can hire a virtual assistant cheaply on UpWork to do this for you. 

Just go to UpWork and post a job looking for “First Line Writers” - you will find several freelancers on the platform who already understand that this is an integral part of sending bulk cold emails. You can find great virtual assistants for as low as $5 per hour. Most of them are in countries where the cost of living is lower, so the geo-arbitrage works in their favor.

Use Cold Email Templates

When creating a bulk cold email campaign on Mailstand or any other email-sending software, you will create email templates that will be automatically applied to any lead you add to the campaign - with personalized attributes, of course. Mailstand allows you to use the templates as is for every lead or to edit the template for specific leads as you wish manually.

When crafting your cold email templates, ensure that it is compellingly communicating your offer. Crafting such offers is a copywriting skill that you will get better at the more you do it. As Alex Hormozi often says, make them an offer so good they feel stupid saying no.

Avoid Spam and Block Accounts (Spintax)

When using templates to send mass emails to cold leads, you risk landing in spam because many of your emails will have almost the same content. To avoid this, you want to use a provider like Mailstand that supports Spintax.

Spintax allows you to create several variations of words or phrases in your email copy to end up with a diverse selection of email content for all the leads you email. The variations you choose will depend on your creativity and your niche. Some of the obvious variations you can use include:

  • Greetings: Hi | Hello | Greetings | Hey
  • Call to action: Hop on a call | Get on a quick call | Have a chat | Find time to talk
  • Sign-Offs: Regards | All the best | Cheers

Employing Mailstand’s Spintax feature coupled with personalization attributes will make every email you send unique. This reduces the risk that your cold email campaign triggers spam filters. When you master how to send bulk cold emails, you get to appreciate that such small details matter.

Divide Sending Volume Across Sender Addresses

When performing large scale email sending activity, it is important to ensure that you are maximizing deliverability without sacrificing on potential issues that can arise when operating large scale outreach campaigns. Depending on the volume of your outreach and the frequency at which you are contacting recipients, it generally is best practice to space personal outreach activity across multiple personalized email addresses so as to avoid any cold email outreach activity feeling too impersonal. A key to success for cold email outreach is having the recipient feel that they aren't a part of a larger outreach campaign, and that an email was sent to them specifically because they were found to be of likely interest for the product that the cold email is pushing.

Utilizing tools such as Mailreef allow you to create as many specific email addresses as you need without having to add to the overall cost of your marketing campaign, so it is highly suggested to utilize this functionality with sending providers where possible.

Building an Outreach Campaign with Email Sequencing

According to a Backlinko study, emailing the same person multiple times increases the likelihood that they respond to you by 100% (double). This is in line with my experience that most replies in a cold email campaign come from follow-ups. Notably, campaigns with four or more sequences get three times as many responses as campaigns with less than four sequences.

Therefore, your campaign must have at least three follow-ups scheduled to automatically go out if a prospect doesn’t respond to your initial emails. Mailstand will automatically pause all follow-ups once a prospect has replied.

Follow-ups are valuable real estate in your campaign and should contain additional information or offers your prospect would find useful. You can follow up by:

  • Addressing objections that your prospect might have
  • Including case studies and proof of previous work
  • Solving a problem for the prospect by giving a unique industry insight
  • Sharing wins your current clients/customers have gotten using your product/service.

Scheduling and Automation

Getting scheduling and automation right is essential to sending bulk cold emails that get results. Below are the aspects of scheduling and automation that you should pay attention to:

  • Time zone: ensure the emails are landing when your prospects are at work. Mailstand has features that will allow you to hit inboxes when your prospect is likely to open it. On Mailstand, you can even skip hours when prospects are on lunch break.
  • Days of the week: the best day to send cold emails is Wednesday, with weekends being the worst. That said, you can’t run an effective campaign sending on Wednesdays only. Therefore, prioritize weekdays and avoid sending emails over the weekend if possible.
  • Wait time: you want the email software to space out the sending to mimic normal human behavior. To do this, set the minimum wait time between emails and the maximum number of emails per day to send per campaign or email account.
  • Follow-ups: it is a good idea to space out your follow-ups over several weeks. At a minimum, the first follow-up should go out 3+ days after the first email. Subsequent follow-ups should go out 4+ days after the previous follow-up.

Closing Thoughts

Cold emails work. When it comes to reaching decision-makers directly without going through gatekeepers, no outreach method does the job better than cold email. You now know how to send bulk cold email campaigns that actually get results. Create your first campaign using a free 7-day trial of Mailstand here.

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